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Alcohol Ink Artwork

Artwork done in alcohol ink is a work of pigments dissolved in isopropyl alcohol, and blown into countless colors, various designs, and shapes. Each piece is done with the artist's own imagination. Exciting and stunning brilliance of colors makes each piece show off its own signature.  If you wish, contact Donna and let her know your favorite colors, and she will create something that is unique to you!

NOTE: Shipping is fulfilled by USPS. A matte is included with each item.

A 5"x7" print includes an 8"x10" white matte. An 8"x10" print includes an 11"x14" white matte.

blue brown.jpg

SKU - 060781  5"x7"      $35.00

SKU - 060782  8"x10"    $55.00

green vine.jpg

SKU - 060771  5"x7"      $35.00

SKU - 060772  8"x10"    $55.00

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